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Photographing Silver Is Tough

Capturing clear and accurate photos of reflective silver is a tricky task - and often a time consuming one. For that reason I greatly enjoy snapping photos of my silver clay works-in-progress. It's easy! The details are visible and photos don't need to be edited to remove the dark reflection spots that make it hard to see the piece as it actually appears in person.

These claws, both the large and small, started as real little claws found on beaches near home when we lived in Brooklyn. My sister found the larger one on a hot summer day excursion at Lido Beach on Long Island. I'm always looking toward the ground when out and about, but she found the best treasure for me that day. The smaller claw I found on a different summer, on Fisher's Island in the Long Island Sound, during a most relaxing weekend as the hosts of wonderful friends. I still think of these days and places when I make these pieces. Pinch pinch!

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