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Silver clay course. Learn silver clay. Learn about silver clay. Take silver clay class. Online video class to learn silver clay. 

Do you want to attend an in-person course to learn this material, but are finding that tricky to manage? Do you prefer to work at your own pace on your own time? This video course is designed from my in-person course - but available anywhere! It features step-by-step instruction, up-close videography and lessons that can be revisited anytime.

This is a comprehensive video course for beginning through intermediate users of this material. It begins with reviewing basic tools and techniques, then walks through six different projects, before looking closely at two different firing methods and six different finishing tools, with many tips and suggestions along the way. Each lesson is detailed at this link: 



This course covers all the steps for making professional, highly finished fine silver jewelry. Run time is 3 hours and 20 minutes, divided into individually accessible sessions that can be accessed as many times as you want after purchase.


Some of the topics covered inside include: keeping clay from drying out and restoring it once it has, using Sculpey and tiny plants to make and use custom molds, joining and building bails and other sculptural forms, setting small gems, polishing by hand and by power tool, tumbling, sulfuring and more. 


Click "learn more & purchase" above to be taken to the learning platform where this course is hosted. 

Working with Fine Silver Clay 101:
Intro Concepts Through
Professional Finishing Techniques

See excerpts of the silver clay Tools section on YouTube.

-Understanding how the material works

-Preserving the life of your fresh clay

-How to roll, cut, stamp and texture clay

-Forming and attaching bails, making seamless bail joints

-Making efficient silicone molds for minimum scrap trimming

-Joining dry elements together with strong bonds

-Flush and bezel setting cubic zirconia and lab grown gems 

-Firing with torch and kiln

-Tumbling, sanding, burnishing

-Polishing with a rotary tool or by hand

-Darkening silver with liver of sulfur

-Reviving dry clay and tips for how to use

Takeaways include:

Silver clay textured in hand.png
Silver clay bezels.png
Silver clay jewelry sulfured.png
Please read before booking:


       -Google meet sessions are currently conversation based. I can answer questions, walk you through issues or discuss any topic related to fine silver clay in these 1:1 video calls. I cannot demonstrate work in the studio.

       -If you are interested in ongoing mentoring, please book one session at first so we can discuss your needs and goals.         -Please understand that I am human! I do not have all the answers to all the questions, but I will happily share with you what I know.

       -If you want to message me before sign up to ask if a topic is an ok conversation for a call, don't hesitate to do so.

       -Please be kind and courteous (but of course!) 

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