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Silver Clay Tool Kit

Silver Clay Tool Kit

PriceFrom $78.00

Starter Silver Clay Kit, with product samples included. Please read the entire description. 


Kit details:

This is similar to the kit I put together for my in-person classes. It contains the essentials I use in my work. Particulars such as tool length and color may vary slightly by what is available at the time of purchase, but quantity of items in kit will be as pictured. 


*By adding the knife option to your kit, you are accepting full responsibility for safe use of this item for crafting purposes. It is a sharp tool. (Knife is included in basic kit price.)


I have included two samples that can't be purchased in these small quantities so you can try the products and see how they work for you. These are Cool Slip for protecting tools and textures from sticking to clay, and liver of sulfur for adding a finishing patina. I've even included a piece of plastic straw, because it’s perfect for shaping bails, and we don’t all have the right size sitting around.


With the included silver clay and silver paste, you will be able to make approximately 4-20 pieces of jewelry, depending on size. Can vary widely depending on your plans and efforts. 


Kit contains: 

Silver clay paste 4g (value = $11.50)

Acrylic snake maker
Acrylic rolling pin
Silicone shapers
Needle tool
Teflon-coated Tuff card (a non-stick work surface)
Sponge backed 3M sanding pads
Playing cards x26
Wire finishing brush
Agate burnisher

Hobby knife
Tiny brush

Tiny drill bit
Straw snippet

Two-part silicone mold making material, 25g of each part, with instruction sheet

Cool Slip (use sparingly, this amount will treat many, many tools)

Liver of Sulfur and accompanying safety sheet (enough to treat ~5 batches of silver)
Container to hold all

Please note: To finish your work, YOU WILL NEED a few more items that I am not including in this kit for various safety and practicality purposes. As you will find when looking at kits such as these, most don't offer firing methods, so consider the following info a little add-on, because of course you will need to fire to complete your work.


I am linking below a few suggestions for your convenience. All these items can be found from various brands and sources. I have chosen these for their low-cost-to-high-rating, as I know value is important to us all, and because they can be shipped, which is important to many of us. Feel free to research. (And please understand that these links may, without warning, no longer work properly.)


1. If you do not have a way to fire, a basic method is with a small handheld butane TORCH. Most small butane torches sold for kitchen purposes can work.


2. If you will be using a torch, you will need BUTANE. The cheapest product with shipping I've found is from here.


3. A firing surface, such as a FIRING BLOCK. You can also use a fire brick, fire safe tile or other fire repellant surface. This block can be placed on another fire repellant surface for height, to further protect your counter. Here is an option from Cooltools [an affiliate partner of mine].


I also often use this tripod, but you need to use caution and have it over a fire-repellant surface.


My comprehensive How to Work with Silver Clay Video Course is here. 


Happy working! 


    This kit is non-returnable, but if you have any issues upon receiving it, please be in touch right away.

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